Upgrading from Stemverter 2?

Simply launch the app and Check for Updates


Login to your Account Dashboard and download the Stemverter 3 Installer

Upgrading from Stemverter 1?

Claim your free upgrade by using your
v1.1 serial number as a promo code

Step 1: Locate your v1.1 serial number

NOTE: All users who purchased Stemverter before June 23rd received an email with an updated v1.1 serial number on June 24th, 2020.

The subject line will contain “Invoice” and your serial number will be in a box at the bottom of the email.

Step 2: Add Stemverter 3 to your cart

Click this button and a new window will open with Stemverter 3 already added to your cart.

Step 3: Enter your v1.1 serial number as a promo code

Click Apply promo to drop the order total to $0.

Step 4: Fill in your billing details using the
same email address from your Stemverter v1.1 order

Click Place Order to create your account with cflo inc. and receive your a new Stemverter 3 license key.

Step 5: Download Stemverter 3
and your new License Key

Download both the Stemverter 3 Installer and the License Key file.
Please note that your new License Key is different from your old v1.1 serial number.

You can now manage your licenses and downloads from My Account on cfloinc.com

Thank you for upgrading to Stemverter 3! Feel free to test out all of the new features including Batch Processing, MP3 Output, Automatic ID3 Cloning, and Smart File Naming.

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