Stemverter 3 Troubleshooting

Restart your computer

• This is a foundational step in the troubleshooting process. Often times, software issues can be resolved with a simple restart of the computer. Give this a try and see if the issue persists!

Reset your Stemverter 3 installation

• Delete the Stemverter from your Applications folder

• Navigate to your user folder (also called Home folder) using the Go menu in Finder

• Press “Command+Shift+.”  (the period key) to show/hide visibility of hidden files and folders

• Navigate into ~/Library/Application Support/cflo inc/ and delete the Stemverter 3 folder

• Navigate into ~/Library/Preferences/ and delete the com.cfloinc.Stemverter2.plist file

• Deleting these two items essentially removes all pieces of Stemverter 3 from your Mac

• Press “Command+Shift+.” again to turn hidden files and folders visibility Off

• Re-download your Installer and License Key from your Account Dashboard

• Run through the installation and activation process to try out a fresh install

• If your issue persists after going through this process, contact support

Submit your Crash Logs

• Go to Applications > Utilities >

• Go to User Reports

• Find the Stemverter_3_2023_NUMBERS.crash logs

• Right click the log file, Reveal in Finder.

• Attach and send the crash logs via email to